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The Love Dog


Fired from her job as a paralegal, Samantha Novak is in trouble. When Telltale, a Hollywood tabloid, asks her to write an expose on the reality television dating show, The Love Dog, Samantha is thrilled. She’s always dreamed of being a writer, and the fat paycheck won’t hurt. After being recently left at the altar, she’s not too keen on love either.

Hired as the canine star’s handler, Samantha finds that digging up dirt on set is harder then she thought. Apollo, the show’s star, is a sweet golden retriever who takes his job as the “love dog” very seriously. He only wants to help couples fall in love and make everyone on set happy. Mason Hall, the show’s producer and leading man, is down to earth, charming, and… very attractive.

If Samantha doesn’t reveal to the world that the reality show isn’t exactly “real,” her new career will be over before it starts. But when she falls in love with Apollo and Mason, will she still have the heart to expose The Love Dog’s dirty secrets?



“Watson (whose Dog Days made PW’s 2012 Best Books list) goes back to the dogs with this sweet-spirited charmer. This captivating tale, told from the alternating perspectives of Samantha and Apollo, will have readers sitting up and begging for more.” – Publishers Weekly 

“Don’t miss this delightful romance, told from the point of view of heroine Samantha and Apollo, the Love Dog, who has the power to help people find love. A quirky and entertaining story, and readers will root for the Love Dog to help the heroine in her very relatable struggle to believe in love again.” 

Romantic Times Book Reviews

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