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Dog Days

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Named one of Publisher’s Weekly’s five best romance novels of the year!

Café owner Jessica Sheldon’s fear of canines hardly makes her a dog person.  After the incident in her café the year before in which a dog almost destroyed her café, she’s been labeled the “dog hater” of Madrona, a town that’s famous for its annual dog festival, Woofinstock.  Her life takes a turn at the start of Woofinstock when she rescues Zoë, a white German shepherd who can’t find her way home.  When both Jessica and Zoë are struck by lightning in the town square, the unbelievable happens—the two switch bodies.


“In this fast-paced, imaginative romp, Watson (Maid Marian) introduces Jessica Sheldon, a cafe owner with a deep fear of dogs. Unfortunately for her, Madrona, Wash., is packed with dog lovers and home to the annual Woofinstock. Jessica’s cafe is struggling in part because of an unfortunate antidog blowup on Jessica’s part during the previous year’s festival. While trying to make amends, Jessica rescues Zoe, a stray German shepherd—and a bolt of lightning causes the two to exchange bodies. Jessica has a crush on the town vet, Dr. Max Nakamura, and he reveals in front of “Zoe” that it’s reciprocated. But is Jessica destined to stay a dog forever, or will she eventually make her way back to her own body? For anyone who has ever wondered what their beloved pets would say if they could talk, this adorable PG-rated love story provides a sweetly imagined answer, with smart poetic justice in the end.”
– Publishers Weekly 

“This is a delightful story that readers should relax with and just enjoy. Anyone who loves animals, and has ever imagined what they might be thinking, will find this to be a wholly amusing tale. Those who haven’t may see the world from a different point of view.”
Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine 

“I was lucky enough to be an early reader of this book. It’s exactly the kind of novel I can’t wait to share with fellow readers – I wanted to wave it in everyone’s face, saying, ‘You must read this!’ Dog Days is everything I love in a book – funny, tender, beautifully crafted and cleverly plotted, with a perfect twist of an ending I didn’t see coming.”
– Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Drop everything and read this book!  Watson’s rendering of the inner life of a dog is pitch perfect.  We all wonder what our dogs would do if they had thumbs…now we know. Zoe (dog to human) and Jessica (human to dog) are an unforgettable and unique take on the buddies by accident story.  Brava!”
– Susan Wilson, author of One Good Dog

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