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This blows my mind. In Norfolk, UK, about 2000 BCE, this tideland area was salt marsh. What you see in this photo are the remains of a huge oak that was planted, crown-down and roots up, in the peat. Encircling it are 55 pillars cut from local oaks. 

The amount of work this represents is staggering. And what was the purpose?? To a culture that (we think) felt a strong religious connection with oaks, what does an upside-down one represent?

Read more about “Seahenge”…. 



I’m completely obsessed with Bunny, the sheepadoodle who talks using communication buttons. Not only is it fascinating to see what a dog wants to talk about (poop! cats!), but it’s changed the way I think about our dogs. You can Meet Bunny here. Then watch to the end of this Inside Edition story to see what Federico Rossano, a professor at UC San Diego, says dogs are most frequently asking their humans to do. It’s probably not what you think!

For a bonus laugh, check out this cat named Billi and her favorite word.



This bridge made of the roots of living trees in India reminds me of Lord of the Rings and the way the Sylvan Elves co-exist with trees. Unlike a steel bridge, this one gets stronger as it ages. Also, unlike a steel bridge, this one’s part of a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

root bridge cnn.jpg

FUN to think about

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