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The Other Elizabeth

14-year-old Elizabeth Tudor feels trapped. King Henry is dead, and her stepmother’s new husband is dragging her into a dangerous game. When young commoner Grit Bexley arrives, Elizabeth can’t help but notice how much they look alike. It doesn’t take the girls long to decide to switch places. Now Grit can enjoy the luxury of the palace while Elizabeth escapes to warn her brother of impending danger to the crown. But can the princess survive the hardscrabble outside world? And can Grit make Queen Katherine believe that she’s royalty? Each girl will need all her wits to navigate her new world without getting caught.

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Maid Marian

“An intriguing new twist on an old legend, narrated by a refreshingly bold and independent Maid Marian...a romantic new chapter in the Robin Hood mythology.”

Orphaned heiress Marian Fitzwater's fate lies in the hands of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine...until she seeks the outlaw Robin Hood.


Dog Days

Café owner Jessica Sheldon’s life takes a turn when she rescues Zoë, a white German shepherd who can’t find her way home. When both Jessica and Zoë are struck by lightning in the town square, the unbelievable happens—the two switch bodies.

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The Love Dog

When Samantha Novak is hired to care for the canine star of a reality TV show, she expects to learn that the whole thing's a hoax. But Apollo, the show’s star, is a sweet golden retriever who takes his job as the “love dog” very seriously. 

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